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Space Beast Terror Fright

released April 06, 2015

'Space Beast Terror Fright is my new drug' - Destructoid

'Space Beast Terror Fright is still my favorite Aliens game' - Destructoid

'Promising space marine game that blows the opposition away' - The Nerd Stash

'Space Beast Terror Fright Is Where Space Marines Go To Die' - Hardcore Gamer

'Probably the best Scifi dungeon crawler I've ever played' - huroka

UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite

released March 8, 2011 on Gamers Gate and May 5, 2015 on Steam

'...the game is pretty addictive and the 'just one more go' feeling is strong' - Zatun Games

'UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps Elite is a very polished production' - PC Game reviews and news

'I've been blown away - almost literally - by the sheer force of the audiovisuals' - Bytten

Also available via: Gamers Gate

UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite
Official Soundtrack

released December 13, 2011

Experience the dark and moody atmosphere of Astro-Creeps Elite, original songs written and produced by johno for the game UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite!

Available via:
Spotify Deezer Amazon 7Digital


released July 31, 2012

Run, jump, and collect as many flowers as you can in your quest to reach the exit! Can you find all the secrets?

'Bloom is a sleek and fun adventure/puzzle game' - Garfboy

'It is a very challenging game. Sound is amazing and image too.' - silviapuiu

' I recommend this to all 2D action game lovers' - OnyxDarkKnight

Available via: Gamers Gate

UfoPilot : The Phadt Menace
Special Edition

released August 17, 2011

Pilot your ship through underground caverns while battling the evil Phadt Armada in your quest to rescue the imprisoned pilots of StarFleet!

'...certainly an enjoyable retro gaming experience' - PC Game reviews and news

''s enormous fun' - Bytten

Available via: Gamers Gate

Free Games And Demos On Nornware Launcher

All our free games, demo versions, and experimental stuff are now available on Windows operating systems via our minimal launcher application nornwarelauncher.exe.

Instructions Philosophy

Software is soft, which indeed is the whole point. This is reflected in games development the world over; change is constant. Bugs are found, bugs are (hopefully) fixed, and new features are implemented in response to customer requirements.

For all of this to actually work, we need a pipeline to get our stuff directly to our customers as simply as possible, with minimal fuss and installation procedures. With a custom launching application we can transparently keep all of our software up to date without forcing the user to manually re-install when change invariably happens.

Ideally we wouldn't want to have to depend on any third-party installers at all, but DirectX 9.0c is something that we cannot do without in order to utilize modern GPUs. However we have gone to great lengths to standardize the way all our games work, and a single install of DirectX 9.0c is sufficient to service all our current games.

The games themselves don't require any installation as such, and each consist of a single executable and a single aggregate data file. The launcher will display where everything is being written locally (in the current user area), and these files can be deleted at any time if you want to free up space. Each game also writes misc user settings to the same location.

We've tried our best to make all of this as compatible and hassle free as possible, but bugs can of course still happen. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an problems / questions / comments!

contact (at) nornware (dot) com